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Roadway Fatalities for 2015

Period Ending March 8, 2015

County 2015 to Date Fatalities 2014 to Date Fatalities Change
Boone 2 4 -2
Callaway 1 0 +1
Camden 1 0 +1
Cole 1 3 -2
Cooper 0 -3 -3
Crawford 0 0 n/c
Dent 0 0 n/c
Gasconade 1 0 +1
Howard 0 0 n/c
Laclede 3 0 +3
Maries 1 0 +1
Miller 2 0 +2
Moniteau 1 0 +1
Morgan 1 2 -1
Osage 2 0 +2
Phelps 2 0 +2
Pulaski 0 0 n/c
Washington 2 0 +2
Totals 20 12 +8 (+67%)

Three Cole County Schools Win Regional Battle of the Belt Challenge

JEFFERSON CITY – Students at Calvary Lutheran High School, Russellville High School and Cole County R-V High School have answered the challenge, scoring three of the state’s seven perfect scores in the statewide Battle of the Belt competition. 

Battle of the Belt is an educational program where local high schools compete against each other to increase safety belt use and potentially save lives. The challenge involves an initial surprise safety belt check, followed by a peer-designed educational blitz, and a final surprise safety belt check to determine if a change of behavior occurred. 

As regional winners, each school will receive $500, along with a banner and plaque that commemorates their accomplishment.

Bunceton High School in Cooper County also won central Missouri’s regional award for the Most Improved Percentage in safety belt use.  In addition, Richland, Fatima, Iberia, Belle, and Columbia-Rock Bridge high schools received banners for 91 percent and above seat belt use.

In all, 43 schools from the Central Missouri region participated in the Battle of the Belt program.

The Battle of the Belt program is jointly sponsored by the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety and American Family Insurance.  American Family and the Central Region Coalition  provided the prize money for the competition.

For more information, visit or call 800-800-BELT.


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Rollover Crash Simulator Promotes Seat Belt Safety
Click on the image below to view a video about the Central Region's new rollover crash simulator. The driver of this vehicle was a sixteen-year-old girl from Osage County. She credits her seat belt for saving her from serious injury or death. The crash simulator can be used in parades and at civic or school functions to promote seat belt safety in the Central Region area. (YouTube link)

Crashed Trucks
The driver of this utility truck was wearing his safety belt when he lost control, swerved off the road, and hit a tree. The impact crushed the truck cab interior, but four hours after the crash the driver was released from the hospital with only a few cuts and bruises. His safety belt kept him secured tightly in the truck cab and prevented him from getting thrown around inside or ejected from the vehicle.


The driver of the white crash truck pictured below was involved in a crossover head-on collision.  He was wearing a seat belt and remained in the vehicle and survived.


The crashed trucks are mounted on trailers and available for safety fairs, parades, and other public events in the Central Region area. To schedule one of the crashed trucks for an event, contact Becky Lenon at 888-275-6636 or email at

Buckle Bear
Buckle Bear is a mascot for encouraging children of all ages to buckle up and Arrive Alive. Buckle Bear is available for safety fairs, parades, and other public events in the Central Region area. To inquire about Buckle Bear's availability, contact Becky Lenon at 888-275-6636 or email at


The Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety wants Central Missouri kids to buckle up with Buckle Bear! Buckle Bear is our mascot for promoting seat belt usage and safety. He wants children everywhere to Buckle Up and ARRIVE ALIVE!

Hi kids!  Help us tell everyone to Buckle Up and Arrive Alive!

The Coalition for Roadway Safety’s Central Region group invites kids to download a “Buckle Bear” coloring sheet and color it.  Put it up in your room, at your desk or locker at school, or give it to your parents, and remind everyone how seatbelts can keep you safer!

Buckle Up and Arrive Alive stencils

These new stencils are large with the message, “Buckle Up!” or "Arrive Alive" as shown below. Not only can these stencils be painted on high school parking lots, but they can also be painted on the parking lots of other schools, churches and businesses throughout the community.

The stencils are free to use and can be reserved by contacting Becky Lenon at 888-275-6636 or email at

* Note the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety only supplies the stencils.  Participants are responsible for paint and brushes.


The following is a listing of ideas for encouraging safe driving practices like seat belt use, sober driving and child passenger safety.  If you have other ideas to include, send us an e-mail at or

Idea #1: Encourage a little healthy competition among area high schools!

The Battle of the Belt is a competition between Missouri high schools to increase seat belt use among teens.  The Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety, Missouri Emergency Nurses Association and American Family Insurance sponsor the program. During the competition, teens participate in an observational safety belt survey conducted before and after an education blitz to determine the change in seat belt use among the teens.  Prizes are awarded to schools for having the highest seat belt usage among teens statewide and locally, as well as those most improved. 

Idea #2: Request Buckle Up and Arrive Alive parking lot stencils! 

Organize a painting party to encourage seat belt use!  The coalition will supply stencils for use at parking lot entrances and exits.  Schools and businesses will need to supply the paint, brushes and manpower.  Many schools have turned the stencil painting into an after school or student club activity to encourage their students to take ownership in spreading the word about seat belt use.  We encourage local businesses or organizations to use the stencils to encourage employees or customers to buckle up before they travel. 

Idea #3: Request a guest speaker!

We’d be happy to visit your school, business or organization to talk about safe driving habits.  Speakers usually come from local enforcement agencies, the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the Missouri Department of Transportation or other safety organizations including Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) or ThinkFirst.  We’ll tailor a presentation to meet your needs.  Some local schools have asked us to talk with students enrolled in their Driver’s Education programs.  Parents are often encouraged to attend. 

Idea #4: Invite Buckle Bear to your event!

Buckle Bear is our mascot for teaching young children and their parents about seat belt safety.  As children grow, how they sit in your car, truck or SUV should change.  Buckle Bear and his helpers will share this information.  Buckle Bear is available by request for safety fairs, parades, and other public events in the Central Region area. 

Idea #5: Place movie theater ads on the big screen!

We have ads that can be placed on the big screen in a movie theater.  Ad space can be purchased in local movie houses to run before the featured attraction.  Some schools are excited about the opportunity to learn of this option and several are exploring the possibility of finding a local sponsor to help fund the project.  Many want to tailor the ads to feature their own students.

Idea #6: Display a crashed truck as a visual reminder of the need to wear a seat belt!

We have two crashed trucks used to visually display the benefit of using a seat belt.  Both trucks were badly damaged in crashes.  The occupants of both trucks were belted and survived.  Get the message?  Those who view these trucks will.  The trucks are available for loan.  Schools contact us and ask to display one of the trucks during safety fairs and at other school functions like football games and before prom.  Businesses also request a truck to display during employee functions.

Idea #7: Purchase popular Arrive Alive T-Shirts!

Arrive Alive T-shirts can be ordered in a variety of colors.  These can be used as part of an educational effort in your school or business.  Order them online today from the savemolives Web site.

Idea #8: Be a leader!

Be a positive example to others by buckling up, driving sober and refraining from texting while behind the wheel.  

Idea #9: Respond to our blog on!

It's here you can share your ideas for encouraging others to drive safe.  We blog often and want to hear from you.


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