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Annual Funds Available for Northwest Transportation Safety Programs
Schools, community groups, law enforcement, health departments and other groups can apply online for grant funding to improve safety on our Northwest Missouri roads. If your group has a regional transportation safety program planned, the Northwest Region Coalition for Roadway Safety can help. This is the fifth year grant funding will be available for interested applicants, to help reduce injuries and fatalities in Missouri’s Northwest 20 counties. Grant applications are available HERE! All grant applications must be submitted by the close of business on Friday, November 21, 2014.

To be eligible for grants, programs must address at least one of the Blueprint-identified emphasis areas including serious crash types, high-risk drivers and occupants, special vehicles, vulnerable roadway users and special roadway environments. The more widespread the impact of the program and the longer it lasts, the better chance it has to receive some of the limited funding. Read more about these emphasis areas in the Blueprint for Safer Roadways. If you have questions about the grant process, call 888 ASK MODOT (888-275-6636) or speak with your local Regional Planning Commission.

Battle of the Belt Going On Now
Thirty high schools across Northwest Missouri are participating in a statewide seat belt use competition to see who can increase their students' seat belt usage rate the most. The Battle of the Belt Challenge, a competition to raise seat belt use among teens and hopefully decrease traffic crash related injuries and fatalities. It's too late to sign up this year, but if you'd like to learn more and start planning for next year's competition click here.

Heatstroke Prevention
As they did last year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, along with Safe Kids and the Administration for Children and Families, will be using social media to raise awareness about the dangers of children and hot cars.






















Coalition Works to Improve Young Drivers' Seat Belt Usage
Young drivers in Missouri just aren't buckling up like they should. Over the last three years, 254 teens were killed in Missouri traffic crashes, and 75 percent of them were not wearing seat belts. During a random survey performed by the Missouri State Highway Patrol, several schools around the state were pinpointed having 50 percent or less teen seat belt usage rate in 2011. Many of the schools were in Northwest Missouri. More...

St. Joseph Teens Can Win a Free Car for Driving Safely
Licensed high school drivers in St. Joseph with a clean driving record for the entire school year (2014-2015) have a chance to win a free car, as well as other monthly prizes just for driving safely. The "I'm A Safe Driver" program kicks off its eight year in St. Joseph at area high schools this week during school registration. Learn More...


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Do you know a St. Joseph teen who's a safe driver? Would they like to win a free car? Check out our "I'm A Safe Driver" program and they just might!

This annual program was developed to reduce the number of motor-vehicle-related injuries and fatalities among Missouri high school students by increasing seatbelt usage. Battle of the Belt is a six-week-long program, where schools conduct observational safety belt surveys before and after an educational campaign at the school. Various supplies and resources are made available to participating schools.
Click here for more information about how to get involved!

Engineering Ideas
Are you a local municipality looking for a low-cost engineering solution? The Northwest Region Coalition for Roadway Safety may be able to help! Our Engineer Subcommittee put together a list of ideas that may solve the problems you're encountering in your area. If you need assistance implementing the project, a grant may help. We'll be putting out a call for grant applications soon, so watch this site!

Arrive Alive T-Shirts
Promotional items are great reminders to Buckle Up and Arrive Alive! These items can be passed out at any occasion and are great for students and adults. You can order custom-colored Arrive Alive shirts starting at only $3.75 a t-shirt!

Buckle Up and Arrive Alive Stencils
These stencils are large with the message, “Buckle Up!” or "Arrive Alive" as shown below. The stencils are free to use from MoDOT.

* Note the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety only supplies the stencils. Participants are responsible for paint and brushes.

Buckle Up Road Signs

The Buckle Up signs are another way to remind motorists to Buckle Up as they begin their journey on the road. The signs can be ordered for FREE through Highway Safety.


Rollover Simulator

The Rollover Simulator demonstrates a vehicle involved in a rollover accident. The simulator uses dummies to prove why safety belts are important in rollover crashes. Contact the Missouri State Highway Patrol Troop in your area to request the simulator for your educational event. Learn More

Seat Belt Convincer

The convincer effectively demonstrates the importance of a safety belt when a person is involved in a crash. Contact the Missouri State Highway Patrol Troop in your area to request the convincer for your educational event. Learn More



Go to the Highway Safety Division for product information on seatbelt safety, driving while intoxicated, bicycle safety and more. 


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