Arrive Alive

Chick-fil-A reminds customers to “Buckle Up/Phone Down”

JEFFERSON CITY—A local restaurant and the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety have teamed up to promote highway safety to central Missouri families.

Tom Van Voorn, Chick-fil-A franchise owner, is helping encourage the “Buckle Up/Phone Down” challenge at his restaurant at 3407 Missouri Boulevard. Colorful banners—clearly visible from Missouri Boulevard and U.S. Highway 50—cover the front of the business and various posters and stickers throughout the dining area remind customers of the important safety message.

Boxes on dining room tables invite families to place their phones inside and talk to each other while they eat. Van Voorn said that program was conceived to help families improve the quality of their time together while he envisions the “Buckle Up/Phone Down” challenge as a way to increase the quantity of that time together.

“It isn’t about selling food,” Van Voorn said. “It’s about saving lives.”

“This kind of community partnership is a win for everyone,” said State Highway Safety and Traffic Engineer Nicole Hood. “Tom’s generosity and compassion will help us reach thousands of families with the simple message to buckle up and put your phone down every time you drive!”

When properly used, seat belts significantly reduce the risk of critical injuries and save lives.

 Texting increases the risk of a car crash by 50%. Sending or receiving a text takes a driver's eyes from the road for nearly five seconds. At 55 mph, that is the same as driving the length of an entire football field blindfolded.

Motorists are encouraged to do their part to make Missouri’s roads safer and accept the “Buckle Up/Phone Down” challenge at  or follow us on Facebook at Save MO Lives.


Photo cutline: The exterior of the Chick-fil-A restaurant at 3407 Missouri Boulevard in Jefferson City brings the “Buckle Up/Phone Down” message to customers and motorists on the capital city’s west side.