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Teen Driver Program - It Only Takes One - 2018 Winners!

In the past, area high schools have participated in a six-week program called Battle of the Belt to raise seatbelt use at their schools. But we know seatbelt use is not the only traffic safety issue high school students face. So a new program called “It Only Takes One”, started two years ago, has a broader scope, but still incorporates elements Battle of the Belt.

“It Only Takes One” starts in November and continues through March. The program still incorporates seat belt checks, but the education programs extend through the school year. Students will also be asked to address subjects such as distracted driving, impaired driving and other traffic safety issues. This program also encourages parents and community members to get involved. Prizes will be awarded based on the quality of the education program presented at the school. This program also includes a public service announcement competition.

If you'd like more information, please contact Marisa Christy-Kerns at (660) 385-8257.  


The Northeast Coalition would like to congratulate the following winners of this year's program!!

Atlanta High School - Educational Campaign Winner & Gold Banner Winner with 99% seat belt usage

Wright City High School - Educational Campaign Winner & Bronze Banner Winner with 91% seat belt usage

Wellsville High School - Silver Banner Winner with 98% seat belt usage

Highland High School - Silver Banner Winner with 96% seat belt usage
*presentation will be done in the fall