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Statewide Highway Safety Award Winners Announced

JEFFERSON CITY – Five highway safety statewide award winners and 14 regional award winners were given recognition at the 2018 Highway Safety and Traffic Blueprint Conference recently held in Columbia.  The conference is organized by the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety, whose goal is to reduce fatalities and disabling injuries on Missouri roads.  “We very much appreciate the efforts of all who are involved to encourage safe driving, and we will continue to work towards the ultimate goal of losing zero lives on Missouri roads,” said Missouri Department of Transportation Highway Safety and Traffic Engineer Nicole Hood.


The statewide Arrive Alive Award was presented to Eddie Watkins, Jr., a senior traffic studies specialist with the Missouri Department of Transportation in St. Louis.  As an engineer, he focuses on continuously learning and developing best practices.  Yet, he doesn’t stop there.  He seeks out and is successful in finding funding opportunities.  He helps implement and coordinate public engagement and was instrumental in the award winning Natural Bridge Road Safety Audit team. The award recognizes an individual or group who has shown exemplary dedication and leadership in the first of highway safety.  It is the highest award given by the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety.  


The statewide Tempe Humphrey Award was presented to Penny Lorenz-Anderson, assistant director with the ThinkFirst Missouri program.  This award recognizes an individual or group who has made a significant impact in the area of youth or teen safety.  It was named for a former Division of Highway Safety employee who created and implemented the statewide Team Spirit program to engage high school students in the process of safe driving.  Tempe was killed in 2006 in a motorcycle crash.  As an unbelted teen who survived a car crash, Lorenz-Anderson was left with a spinal cord injury that paralyzed her from the waist down.   She has been in her position for 33 years, and it is clear for many who have heard one of the presentations she has given, she cares about young people and making the right choices when it comes to safe driving. 

The statewide Lay Down the Law Award was presented to Sergeant Scott Roach with the St. Louis County Police Department.  This award recognizes an individual or group who has substantially advanced highway safety in Missouri.  This event started eight years ago as a way for law enforcement officers to “ give back” to MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving).  This event was Sgt. Roach’s vision, and because of his vision, passion, tenacity, the statewide event is now become more of a national event.  This year, New York and Illinois both participated.

The statewide Safety Neer (Engineering) Award was presented to the Missouri Department of Transportation’s St. Louis Traffic Department for their successful efforts to reduce wrong-way crashes.  This statewide award recognizes an engineer(s)/team who has incorporated a unique or proven safety feature in a highway project that has resulted in reduced fatalities.  The team targeted freeways, reviewed crash reports and plotted locations where they could implement the Enhanced Wrong-Way Blinker Sign, which is a common starting point for wrong-way driver prevention.  It’s been four years since the installation of several of these and there has been a significant reduction in serious and fatal crashes on those freeways.

The statewide Show-Me Safety Award was presented to the Missouri Department of Transportation St. Louis City Area Team for their Natural Bridge Road Safety Audit.  This statewide award recognizes an individual or group for a particular event which helped promote safe driving in Missouri.  Using Missouri’s Blueprint for Safer Roadways as a guide to reduce a high concentration of automobile crashes, high pedestrian crashes with fatalities, and excessive traveling speed of vehicles on a particular road, the St. Louis Area Team pulled out all the stops to make improvements on Natural Bridge Road or Missouri Route 115. Educational outreach programs, public service messages, and a road safety audit are only a few pieces that have been achieved to implement these changes.  The partnership with local law enforcement and designating the area of Travel Safe Zone have already helped with the improvements. 

The Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety consists of seven regions, who work closely with communities to identify opportunities to reduce fatalities and disabling injuries on Missouri roads.  Each region selected an Arrive Alive Award recipient and a Show-Me Safety Award” recipient.  They are as follows:

Northwest Regional Arrive Alive Award winner is Bryce Acton, MoDOT senior traffic studies specialist, for his role as chairperson of the Northeast Coalition. 

Northwest Regional Show-Me Safety Award winner is the program Farm Safety for Kids coordinated and presented by the St. Joseph Safety and Health Council.

Northeast Regional Arrive Alive Award winner is Atlanta C-3 School for both the quantity and quality of safe driving events they hold for the students throughout the entire school, including creating their own mascot “Highway Harvey.”

Northeast Regional Show-Me Safety Award winner is John Wise, news personality and former emergency medical services responder, for his efforts and passion to promote the “Drive Means Drive” campaign through the KTUF/KIRX/KRXL radio station.


Kansas City Regional Arrive Alive Award winner is Platte County Health Department whose programmed initiative to prevent unintentional injuries among children and teens has touched nearly 6000 students in Platte County.

Kansas City Regional Show-Me Safety Award winner is the Young Traffic Offender’s Program administered by Sergeant Collin Stosberg and Sergeant Bill Lowe with the Missouri State Highway Patrol.  They work closely with the ThinkFirst chapter and collaborate with many other organizations to facilitate this court-ordered program, which helps young offenders understand the impact unsafe driving has on families.

Central Regional Arrive Alive Award winner is the Mayor of Jefferson City, Carrie Tergin for her role as one of the most ardent supporters of the Buckle Up Phone Down program. Mayor Tergin is always ready to help promote safe driving habits by advocating that everyone buckle up and put their phones down every trip, every time!

Central Regional Show-Me Safety Award winner is Chick-fil-A. This fast-food business has set the bar high for other businesses to jump on the BUPD bandwagon.  From BUPD to go bags and boxes, table tents, marquee advertising and window banners, franchise owner, Tom Van Voorn, continues to get this valuable safe driving message out to thousands of his patrons each day.

St. Louis Regional Arrive Alive Award winner is the St. Louis Youth – Drive for Tomorrow teen driving program, created and implemented by East-West Gateway, the St. Louis Regional Coalition for Roadway Safety, and the Missouri Department of Transportation St. Louis District.  The one day teen driver safety course focuses on all aspects of safe driving – from wearing seat belts to impaired driving.  During the event, students are given the opportunity to make a commitment to being safe drivers.

St. Louis Regional Show-Me Safety Award winner is the Missouri Department of Transportation’s Steer-It Clear It Campaign.  Their focus is on sharing information about getting to a safe place to exchange information until law enforcement can arrive.  Their outreach this year has been primarily through social media, surpassing their goals of reaching their intended audiences.

Southwest Regional Arrive Alive Award winner is Mercy Injury Prevention Center, Springfield for their efforts to “Change the Traffic Safety Culture.”  From docudramas to radio programs to interactive presentations, they focus on drivers of all ages and include programs that encourage seat belt usage, safe driving practices and multiple other educational programs.

Southwest Regional Show-Me Safety Award winner is The Buckle Buddy Program administered through the McDonald County Health Department.  The Buckle Buddy program has been around the southern part of the state for many years, and its mascot continues to be one of the most sought after buddies in the region.  This interactive and fun program is designed for children pre-K through second grade teaching them the importance of proper seat belt and booster seat use.  Children hear a story, shows them how to properly sit in a seat, they get measured, then they get to hear the Buckle Buddy song “Hear that Click.”  Once they complete the program, each child receives a certificate and goodies.  In four years, the program has been provided to nearly 6000 children. 

Southeast Regional Arrive Alive Award winner is Captain Joshua T. Benton of the Dexter Police Department.  As an active participant in the Southeast Regional Coalition for Roadway Safety, Captain Benten leads the coordination of law enforcement efforts with commitment and passion and has proven to be a terrific asset to all of southeast Missouri.

Southeast Regional Show-Me Safety Award winner is Safe and Sober program administered by Chief Deputy Charley Mays with the Ripley County Sheriff’s Department.  The Safe and Sober Program has proven success all over the country, yet it cannot be successful without a champion.  This champion has to be committed to travel and time to make the program effective.  Chief Deputy Charley Mays facilitates ALL the Safe and Sober programs in Ripley County, helping to educate drivers on the dangers and impacts of impaired driving.

These awards are presented every two years and led by several active members of the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety.  More information about the Coalition can be found online at  Photos of award winners also are posted there.