Southwest Region Additional Coalition Resources

Drunk Buster Karts

Fatal Vision goggles, walk the line tape, and instructor's guide


DVD: "Rules of the Road"

DVD: Asleep at the Wheel: The Dangers of Drowsy Driving

Drive Smart - Lessons and Confessions of the Road

Drunk Driving (video and DVD): The Party's Over - 23 minutes

DVD: "The Truth About Drinking" - 30 minutes

Video: "Your Choice" - 28 minutes

Video or DVD: "Survive the Drive" (about 10 minutes)

DVD: "Room to Live"

DVD: "Distracted Driver"


Top Ten Reasons I Wear My Seat Belt

Do You Have a Habit?

Arrive Alive (2 banners available)

Don't Even Think About It - Texting Banner

More Information

Go to the Highway Safety Division for information on seatbelt safety, driving while intoxicated, bicycle safety and more.