Distracted Driving Awareness Campaign


The month of April has been deemed National Distracted Driving Awareness Month.  Focusing on the road and the task of driving is priority one when behind the wheel.  Your life, the lives of those in your vehicle and around you, depend on it.  Buckle Up Phone Down - every trip, every time, everyone!  

Stats & Facts
Of 2019-2021 crashes involved some form of distracted driving.
Fine if you get caught texting while driving for drivers 21 and younger.
4.6 Seconds
The amount of time texting drivers spend with their eyes off the road.
50 Percent
Of teen drivers say they text while driving.
Distracted Driving

Videos on YouTube

The Last Text

Texting PSA 

Thank You

Texting PSA 

Girl texting at the wheel

Distracted Driving Note

Distracted driving includes anything that distracts you from driving, including texting, eating, talking, changing the radio, and more.

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